Give a Sh*t Coffee - Organic Coffee - Single Origin - Ethiopia Sidama - Medium/Dark

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Need a jolt of java joy? Get your hands on our Give a Sh*t Coffee - Organic, Single Origin from Ethiopia - Medium/Dark Roast! Each cup promises a tantalizing twist of dark chocolate with a delicious dash of black currant, and a burst of berry goodness.

  • Organic: Grown without harmful chemicals, it's coffee that loves you back!
  • Single Origin: Hailing from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee! For a unique flavor profile you won't find anywhere else.
  • Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperarive Union (SCFCU) - Shebedino District - Great Rift Valley
  • Viennese Roast: Roasted to perfection to capture the beans' full flavor without the bitter aftertaste.

Our friends at Sweetwater Organic Coffee in sunny Gainesville, Florida, really know their beans! They've outdone themselves with this spectacular roast. So, get your mug ready for an unforgettable coffee adventure. #sweetwaterorganiccoffee