About Us

In 2017 after years of unexplained symptoms and episodes, Alison Arden was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus.

The search was on for clean food and natural ways to reduce inflammation. 

Please understand: This was because the currently prescribed pharmaceutical medication for her condition carried a heavy toll of side effects for her… While experts admit they will do nothing to actually cure the condition!

So we searched for a root cause of the symptoms as well as any form of naturally based relief from the daily and often debilitating symptoms. The search was daunting and grew wearisome with medical doctors seeming to be just throwing darts while blindfolded.

In early July of 2019, we ran out of time.

Although @lison is no longer with us, we continue to believe in the Mission:

  1. Nature provides solutions for any problem it creates.
  2. We simply have to find it.

Our Quest is to find these solutions and to provide them in a way that makes root health accessible to anyone who seeks it.

Please join us!