Arsenal All-In-One Lice Kit (Comb + Shower Cap Included)

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We believe it's time to change the perception of lice in children. Introducing the Arsenal All-In-One Lice Kit, a "cool" and stylish solution that will make lice removal and prevention a breeze!

Just like catching the common cold, lice is not a child's fault. It's a common occurrence that can happen to anyone. Let's break the stigmatization and make it clear that lice does not make anyone "dirty." With our kit, kids and parents will feel empowered to take immediate action and say goodbye to lice once and for all!


>> Unlike other products in the market, we tackle the issue of re-infestation head-on. We don't want you to keep buying again and again. Instead, we provide a comprehensive solution that includes everything you need, without the need for expensive preventative shampoos sold separately! <<

Our Kit Includes:

  • Re-usable 4oz glass spray bottle of "A-Bomb" enzyme spray: Easily remove eggs and lice with this powerful spray.
  • "Hair Raid" All-Natural Oil Mask: Say goodbye to remaining lice with this potent oil mask.
  • "Ammo" concentrated oil blend: Create a preventative spray or add to your hair care routine for extra protection.
  • High-Quality Lice Removal Comb: Included for easy and effective lice removal.
  • Shower Cap: Perfect for applying the "Hair Raid" oil mask.
  • 4oz Re-Useable Glass Spray Bottle: Use with the "Ammo" concentrate for continuous protection.

Our ingredients are clinically proven to be effective against ALL lice, even those pesky Super Lice! 100% natural and 100% effective when used as directed.

*Paraben-Free*Sulfate-Free*Organic*Non-toxic*Plant-Based*Clinically Proven

Get rid of lice in style with the Arsenal All-In-One Lice Kit. It's time to take control and say goodbye to lice once and for all!

Arsenal All-In-One Lice Kit