Hair Raid - Lice Removal Oil Mask (Shower Cap Included)

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Give a warm welcome to Hair Raid - your friendly neighborhood Lice Avenger! This luxurious, all-natural oil mask is the superhero your hair has been waiting for. Packed with essential oils, it's been clinically proven to knock out 100% of active lice and their meaner cousins, super-lice, in a matter of hours! (When used as instructed, of course.)

But that's not all! Every Hair Raid Lice Removal Oil Mask comes with its very own sidekick - a handy shower cap for easy and mess-free application. It's the dynamic duo your hair deserves!

  • Unleash the power of nature with our all-natural essential oil blend
  • Experience the joy of lice-free hair in just a few hours
  • Enjoy a fuss-free application with our included shower cap

So why wait? It's time to declare a raid on lice and super-lice with Hair Raid!