Give a Sh*t Coffee - Organic - Single Origin - Columbia Cauca - Light + Roast

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Need a wake-up call? Let our Give a Sh*t Coffee do the honors! These silky beans from beautiful Columbia are for the milk chocolate lover in you! Rounded out with hints of black cherry... This coffee is sure to become a go-to favorite :)

Big shout out to our pals at Sweetwater Organic Coffee in sunny Gainesville, Florida. They sure do know their beans! #sweetwaterorganiccoffee

Reasons to choose our coffee:

  • 100% Organic: Because we give a sh*t about Mother Earth too.
  • Single Origin: Trace your coffee back to the Columbian farm where it was grown: 
  • Highlands of Cauca - Fondo Paez 
  • Google Maps Link:
  • Light ++ Roast: For delicate flavors and plenty of zoom...

So, what are you waiting for? It's time you gave a sh*t about your coffee!