Give a Sh*t Coffee - Organic - Single Origin - Decaf - Honduras

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Looking for a cup of joe that cares? Say hello to Give a Sh*t Coffee! Our decaf blend is all about preserving the taste, not the jitters.

Our roast hails from the rolling hills of Honduras, single origin and 100% organic. It's a love letter to your taste buds, without the caffeine speed-race.

Featuring the magic of Swiss-Water Extraction, we've waved goodbye to caffeine but kept every drop of delicious.

Special shout-out to Sweetwater Organic Coffee! Our pals in Gainesville, Florida consistently roast up a storm. Thanks for keeping it fresh and fantastic, team! #sweetwaterorganiccoffee

Whether you're 18 or 80, health-conscious or just plain coffee-crazy, our Give a Sh*t blend is here to keep it fun, audacious, and always tasty.