A-Bomb - Enzyme Spray for Easy Lice/Nit Removal

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Meet the A-Bomb, your new secret weapon in the war against lice! This superhero of a spray leaps into action with a blend of natural enzymes, giving lice the boot from your beautiful tresses.

Never fear about nasty chemicals! The A-Bomb only uses an all-natural enzyme blend that slyly breaks down the sticky "glue" lice use to stick their eggs to your hair. Imagine, finally being able to comb out every last trace of those pesky invaders!

  • Fun Fact: The powerful enzymes in A-Bomb are like kryptonite to lice, making it an essential tool in your lice-fighting arsenal.

Plus, every order of A-Bomb comes complete with a reusable, stylish blue glass spray bottle. Not only is it kind to the environment, but it also ensures you're always ready to strike back at any surprise lice invasions.