Give a Sh*t Coffee - Organic - Single Origin - Sumatra Aceh - Medium Roast

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Do you want to give a sh*t about your morning brew? Our Give a Sh*t Coffee - Organic - Single Origin - Sumatra - Medium Roast is here to inject fun and flavor into your daily routine!

Wake up and smell the coffee... and the hints of tobacco, tropical fruit and rooibos tea. It's a veritable fruit basket of exotic flavors designed to tickle your taste buds while zapping you awake.

  • Organic: Be proud of the coffee you drink. It's as natural as they come, so you're taking care of yourself and Mother Earth.
  • Single Origin - Sumatra: Sourced directly from the lush landscapes of Sumatra, you can almost taste the tropical paradise in each sip.
  • Permata Gayo - Bener Meriah Regency - Aceh Special District
  • Medium Roast: Not too light, not too dark. It's 'just right' roast for those who like their coffee as Goldilocks liked her porridge.

And who do we have to thank for this delicious roast? Our friends at Sweetwater Organic Coffee in Gainesville, Florida, never let us down. Every cup is a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality coffee. #sweetwaterorganiccoffee