Armor Spray - Mosquito Shield

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We live on a canal of the Banana River in Brevard County Florida. When we would go outside, we would be attacked by "mutant" mosquitos that seemed to resist all repellants. We wanted something chemical-free that would actually work against these things! But nothing we tried really worked, or was full of things that have negative effects on our overall health.

So. We decided we should make a product that would work for us AND our daughters.


Tired of being a buffet for bugs? Also not a fan of putting carcinogens on your skin? Armor Spray is formulated with all natural essential oils that smell great to humans, but mosquitos and no-see-ums HATE!

(We recommend using on clothing and gear, along with our Heavy Armor applied directly to your skin.)

Comes in a beautiful and reusable blue glass spray bottle.